Doula Training – Diploma

The Diploma training is for those who are wishing to take the next step after the Foundation training.

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Doula Training – Diploma

The Diploma in Living Well Dying Well Person-Centred Approach to Death and Dying builds on the the 4 topics of the Foundation course (taught separately), and introduces an additional 6 topics, exploring:

  •  Complementary and Creative Approaches at End of Life
  •  Working with Spirituality at End of Life
  •  End of Life Person-Centred Practice
  •  Understanding Relationship Dynamics at End of Life
  •  Interpersonal Skills for Supporting End of Life
  •  Personal and Professional Development for End of Life Doula Practice

The Diploma is delivered over four modules, which can be taken as a full diploma 'track' or as separate modules.

All modules are externally monitored and certified by Crossfields Institute, and the full diploma has been awarded the Crossfields Institute Quality Mark.


Module 1

Module 1 focuses on the importance of relationships; between doula and client, between family members and professionals, as well as our relationship with ourselves.

Module 2

We focus on the experience of the dying person and how palliative care is currently practiced. We explore the role of the doula in bringing comfort and alleviating suffering.

Module 3

Understanding the clients’ needs in order to fulfil their wishes and aims for the end of their life in the context of the asset based compassionate communities approach. We also explore ethics and standards of practice in the doula role.

Module 4

Here we understand the role of spirituality, the soul’s journey and the importance of compassionate presence at the end of life and in the care of the body after death. We also explore healthy boundaries and the importance of the beginnings and endings of a doula-client relationship.

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Bernice Benton

Doula in Training

The course was led with the usual professionalism and care and compassion. Group size was perfect for group and subgroup as well as pair work, enabling all participants to interact with all others and form a peer group network that is sustainable after the sessions.

The content required substantial introspection with the opportunity to expand our individual tool kits for supporting families. I felt heard, held and supported throughout and comforted to know I have both EoLD-UK , the tutors and fellow trainees as mentors.

Online Diploma Module 2 - January 2024
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Course Structure

We currently deliver each module in a fully online or a face to face format, and each module will be advertised as either 'online' or 'face to face'. Please check before you book as to which delivery format you are booking as face to face courses cannot be taken fully online and fully online courses are not offered with any days face to face.

Each module is comprised of 8 sessions of approximately 3.5 hours.  Some sessions are held back to back, making a full training day, other sessions are held as 3.5 hour blocks;  hosted live over Zoom in the morning, afternoon or evening (please check each modules description before booking to make sure you are able to attend all sessions).


When are the next Diploma courses?

Planning your progression

We run approximately two diploma tracks a year, which span over a period of 18 months.  This will usually consist of one fully face to face track and one fully online track.


Booking your place

There are two options when booking the diploma:  you can either book module by module, or book a full diploma track in advance.

1. Full Diploma Track

The diploma is designed to be delivered sequentially and to follow a fully scheduled programme of Modules 1 through to 4.  

  • Track Discount

    Receive a £40 discount on modules 2 - 4 when booking the full track alongside your Module 1

  • Guaranteed Registration

    Ensure your place on all modules, without the worry of missing out

  • Relationship building

    Progress through the modules with the same group of connected individuals.

Diploma Track FAQs

2. Module by Module

You are able to book each module separately as and when you're able to commit.  

  • Flexibility

    Complete the modules when they fit in with your schedule

  • You may not be able to secure a place on a training module if it is fully booked.  Diploma modules are only scheduled 2 - 3 times per year.

Assessment and certification

The Diploma certificate is awarded to individuals who complete modules 1 - 4  and have completed all the coursework that has been assessed and passed by our external assessors.


The diploma modules are only available to those who have completed the Foundation training and have been awarded a Progression Statement.  Please refer to 'Progression to Diploma' section of the website.  We advise those who have had a significant bereavement within the last 18 months to contact us prior to booking so we can work with you to ascertain the most suitable time for you to begin your training.

Upcoming Diploma Tracks

Face to Face


Face to face track planned to start in October 2024.  Location and dates unconfirmed. This course is not guaranteed to run and will be dependant on demand.



Online track due to start in September 2024.  


Online track planned to start in March 2025.  Dates are not yet confirmed. This course is not guaranteed to run and will be dependant on demand.

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