End of Life Doulas

Ordinary citizens making a difference to end of life care in their wider community

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End of Life Doulas

The End of Life Doula courses train ordinary people who would like to gain the confidence, knowledge and skills needed to be with death and dying. We see what we do, not as a medical role, but a community-led response to support: practically, emotionally and spiritually if desired; to share information and resources, and to re-empower families who may wish to care for their dying at home, hospital or in nursing home.

Some choose to volunteer in this role and others charge a fee for their work. We do not suggest the Doula role as a full-time career because we are aware if we are to be alongside others, as a consistent and flexible companion at such a profound time, it asks a lot from us. Self-care and self-reflection are integral to the training as we find ways of maintaining well-being and the quality of presence needed. 

Once learners have completed their Foundation training, they are eligible to join End of Life Doula UK, (EoLDUK), part of the Living Well Dying Well Network. The Association brings members together with each other in regional networks, on-line, at events and professional development days. This sharing of experience, gives everyone the opportunity to grow individually and as a community of practice. 

End of Life Doula UK gives practical on-going support and mentoring to Doulas as they begin to practice, as well as managing referrals and requests for Doula support.  Full details can be found on their website https://eol-doula.uk/why-come-to-end-of-life-doula-uk/

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