Need a Doula?

Find out how you can get support from an End of Life Doula


Need a Doula?

We understand that everyone’s situation is different and that needs change from day to day, at the end of life.  An End of Life Doula has the flexibility to be able to respond and support someone and those that they love at any stage after diagnosis.  We can work alongside people for years, months or days.

Where we work is flexible too: at home in the Hospice, Hospital or Care Home. As a non-medical role our job is to preserve the quality of life and wellbeing and to support choice.  For more information please visit: What is an End of Life Doula.

End of Life Doula UK, which is part of the Living Well Dying Well Network, receives all enquiries about Doula support. This initial approach may come from a partner, a member of the family or a friend as well as from the person them self. This discussion is an important one, to understand your hopes, concerns, preferences and wishes, and most importantly what needs to be arranged so you can get on with the business of living.

So do please get in touch by visiting the End of Life Doula UK  and complete the contact form and they will then be in touch quickly to see how to help.

It may be that you prefer to make contact by telephone and the number to call is 01137 339 100 – if you leave a voicemail with your number they will, again, respond to you quickly

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