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Our TrainingEvents

Why choose us?

What makes us unique?


The only certified End of Life Doula training programme in the UK

Our programme is endorsed by the Crossfields Institute and holds a Quality Mark, ensuring the training is of the highest quality and standards.

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Our training gives you eligibility to become a member of EoLDoulaUK

End of Life Doula UK is an association and community of Doulas providing support to its members through regional networks, shares information with members of the public and operates a referral service for those in need of a Doula.

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Provide a supported and mentored transition into practice

EoL DoulaUK and LWDW Training work together to facilitate the transition from training into practice, with learner support and mentoring throughout your journey.

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The Training Journey

The Pathway to Practice




Upon completion of the Foundation Training you will receive your certificate in the Person-Centred Approach in Death and Dying issued by The Crossfields Institute.

For some, the Foundation is all they are seeking, there is no obligation to move onto the Diploma.

Crossfields Foundation Certificate Awarded

Foundation Training serves two purposes; Firstly, for citizens who are seeking more understanding of all aspects of death and dying.  Secondly, it is the basis upon which learners can progress to the Diploma Training.



Progression Assignment

Before progressing onto the diploma you are required to complete a Progression Assignment to deepen your understanding of concepts covered in the Foundation Training.

This assignment is a piece of written work that is comprised of exercises completed in the training, personal reflections and a fictitious case study which is assessed prior to acceptance on the Diploma Training.



Application to the Diploma

Once you have completed your Progression Assignment you can apply to move onto the End of Life Doula Diploma Training.

Upon being successful in your application you will be issued with a Progression Statement allowing you to book onto your first Diploma Module.




Modules 1 - 4

Comprised of 4 modules.  Module 1 is the first module to be taken after the Foundation course, followed by wither module 2 or 3.  Module 4 is the final module of the diploma.

For those who wish to delve deeper into the EoL Doula role.  All modules are externally monitored, quality assured and endorsed by Crossfields Institute.  Modules 1 - 4 will usually take around 12 - 18 months to complete.



Final Portfolio

At the end of your training you will be required to submit a portfolio for assessment.  This is externally quality assured by Crossfields Institute.

To receive certification all learners are required to demonstration application of the knowledge acquired on the training.  This is usually through the submission of a portfolio.



Diploma Certificate

After assessment you will be awarded with your Diploma certificate in the Person-Centred Approach to Death and Dying

Crossfields Diploma Certificate Awarded

Ready to join?

Our training is open to those who wish to join us, from all walks of life, regardless of experience or background.

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Something for everyone

Options for Training

Whether you'd prefer to train face to face or online, our training courses offer options to suit everyone, each experience brings it's own unique advantages but the same depth of experiential learning.


Our residential courses provide an extra special layer of connectedness between you and your training group.  The training is fully catered in picturesque locations that will allow you to experience the training at it's deepest level.  



For those who would like the benefit from our training but can't make it to one of our locations, or for those who simply like their home comforts, our online training is the perfect way to attend.  You will need a PC or a Mac with access to a microphone, camera and a reliable wi-fi connection.


Face to face

Our fully face to face courses are for those who wish to experience the training in a training room who are happy to travel to the location and/or be away from home.

Face to Face


A combination of online and face to face learning.  On our blended foundation courses you will typically spend the first 3 days face to face, and the final sessions will be online.  You will need access to a computer with a microphone, a camera, and good internet signal.


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Learning Outcomes

What You Will Learn

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Themes Covered in the Foundation Training

Exploring death and dying in the role of a citizen

The Foundation training explores many of the issues in relation to death, dying and the end of life of which, as citizens, we all should be aware.  Becoming more knowledgeable gives you the confidence to be able to support family or friends or as a volunteer in your community.


  • understanding grief
  • emotional and spiritual responses to death
  • physical changes at the end of life
  • increasing comfort, integrative health and supportive therapies
  • rituals and practices within cultural and faith groups
  • socio-legal requirements
  • spiritual and self-care practices
  • funeral directors’ practices
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Themes Covered in the Diploma Training

Exploring end of life doula practices further

The Diploma Training builds on the Foundation course to develop skills in self reflection, empathy, interpersonal relationships, and to increase knowledge of diversity, spirituality, palliative care and complementary therapies.  We look at how to ensure responsible practice and the scope of the Doula role in the community.  


  • Use of imagery and the use of metaphor
  • Unconscious processes, acknowledging the shadow
  • Maintaining healthy energy system
  • Motivation for becoming a Doula
  • Ethics, assisted suicide/ euthanasia/exit
  • Reflective practice in the Doula Role
  • Compassionate presence
  • Palliative care symptom control
  • Pain and suffering
  • Spirituality, faith, belief and religion
  • Role of the Doula in spiritual care
  • Unusual phenomenon at the time of dying
  • Complementary therapies in end of life care
  • Reminiscence work
  • The arts in end of life support
  • The concept of the soul's journey
  • Inner and outer practices to support the soul's journey
  • Assessing needs of client and family
  • Endings and new beginnings
  • Withdrawing from a relationship
  • Self-care building resilience
  • What I bring to the Doula role
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Exploring boundaries
  • Practice issues – signposting & safeguarding
  • Mapping the family tree
  • Family relationships and family dynamics
  • Listening and communications skills
  • Relaxation techniques -stress responses acute/chronic stress
  • Appropriate use of touch
  • Personal perspectives on life and death
  • Dynamics of power and control in the helping relationship
  • Practice standards /record keeping/LWDW Values, code of practice
  • Involving your community
  • Role of the Doula in hosting a community event
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What you'll experience

What you can expect on our training:

Experiential Learning

Self-awareness and Reflection

Group Work

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