Why your testimonial can make a difference

No one knows the true journey of the EoL Doula training like the people who have experienced the course.  Everybody's experience is different, and we'd love to share yours.

Written Testimonials 

Video Testimonials

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Nikki Newman

Head of Operations and Finance

As a member of the LWDW Training team, and also a person who has completed the foundation training, there is nothing I'd like more than to spread the word to others who are considering starting their Living Well Dying Well journey.  Sharing your experience can really make a difference.

What you could include in your testimonial

What inspired you to do the training

We want people to know that whatever their background that they will be welcomed on the course.  Some people may think the course isn't for them, whether that be because they're not academic, they're not spiritual or they have a particular religion, or they haven't had much experience with death.  What is your experience?

What you will use your training for

Some people wish to continue to be a certified EoL Doula, but not everyone.  How are you planning on using what you've learned?

How the training left you feeling

Often people know what they want to learn from a training course.  But our learners are often surprised about how the course left them feeling.  How did our training influence your life?

How our training is unique

Many people describe the training as being something that they've never experienced before. What sets LWDW Training apart from other training courses?

How to submit your testimonial

Writen Testimonials

You can complete our form by clicking the button below.  Alternatively, you can send a quick email to info@livingwelldyingwell.net with the subject 'Testimonial'

Video Testimonials

Email your video testimonial to info@livingwelldyingwell.net with the subject 'Testimonial'.  For files that are too big we recommend you using a file transfer service (such as WeTransfer).

Emily Carroll

Emily Carroll

Course and Event Co-Ordinator

I completed the foundation course as I joined the LWDW team and found it to be life-changing and profound. Our leaners are increasingly diverse with a wide range of professional and personal experiences. We would love to invite you to use our testimonials page to share your personal experiences to highlight to our future learners that the end of life doula foundation is suitable for all those who would like to engage in the end of life doula role, whether that be from a personal perspective supporting a friend or family member or for someone whose vocation may be intrinsically linked to the doula role.

Some general guidance

What you shouldn't include

Please do not include details about the course content or the names of your trainers or fellow group members.

We will not publish anything which could be considered as self-promotion or advertising of your own or other services or products.


You can chose to be anonymous, or you could chose to include your name.  We would love it if you would be happy to include a picture of yourself, but that is optional.

Written Testimonials

These should be no more than 300 words in length.  We will correct any spelling or grammar for ease of reading.

Video Testimonials

Please make these no more than 3 minutes in length.  We are unable to edit your videos, so please make sure you follow all of this guidance so your videos aren't rejected.

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