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Living Well Dying Well & End of Life Doula UK

You can view presentations for our conference.

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Anna Ledgard's Ted Talk on being an EoL Doula

Watch Anna, an LWDW Trainer, talk about the experiences she encountered which led her to becoming an End of Life Doula

Anna also participated in a Podcast for Tiger Spirit Blog in May 2023, speaking about anxiety and courage in the face of death.  You can listen to it here:

Meet the End of Life Doulas

Hear from some of our LWDW trained EoL Doulas  about their roles.


Holding Space

Holding Space is an intimate observational documentary about death told through the eyes of an emerging and little known role: the end of life doula.  Their role mirrors that of a birth doula - only instead of supporting the arrival of new life, they are present as someone is actively dying.

After personal experience of the deaths of some family and friends, director Rebecca was herself drawn to undergoing doula training, to explore the topic for herself and to support others. This gives her a unique perspective with which to make the film.

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Toby on BBC 3

Toby, 25, is training to be a death doula. This means he helps prepare people for the end of life and potentially even helps them to “die happy”. He decided to pursue the career after spending time with his younger brother Owen before he passed away. His personal experience showed him that by helping others feel more comfortable talking about it, death doesn’t have to be feared.

Watch this video on the BBC3 website.


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